Cinematographer Steve Lawes shot the Beauty of Hever HDR Project with the HK4.7×18 (18-85mm) in a variety of different shooting environments before taken the XK6x20 (20-120mm) up on a drone for some stunning aerial footage

The project used a comprehensive range of Fujinon cine-zooms, including the premium HKs 14.5-45mm, 18-85mm and 75-400mm, as well as two significant new additions to the Fujinon cine-zoom offering.

The all-new Fujinon ZK 12×25 (25-300mm) offers an industry-leading 12x zoom ratio to cover the most frequently used 25mm wide angle right up to 300mm on the telephoto end. With its advanced optical performance supporting 4K cameras, the lens delivers premium image quality across a versatile range of shooting scenes. The ZK 12×25 features high-precision large-diameter aspheric elements, designed with Fujifilm’s proprietary cutting-edge optical simulation GO-Technology.

The competitively priced XK 6×20 (20-120mm) digital cinema camera zoom lens offers high optical performance compatible with 4K cameras, with comfortable operation. The XK 6×20 is equipped with a detachable drive unit for electronic zooming and focusing and features 0.8mm gear pitch for compatibility with standard cine accessories. The Fujinon lenses delivered stunning HDR pictures.

Click here to view the footage that was shot

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