FUJINON Cine Lenses

We don’t make “zooms”; we make “Variable Focal Length Primes”

Fujifilm has been developing FUJINON Cine Lenses since 2002. Not only are we making use of our excellent optical, mechanical and electronic knowledge cultivated from many decades in the bTV broadcast field, but we have also enhanced those technoligies to achieve superb Cine lenses. FUJINON Cine lenses allow cinematographers all around the world to explore the possibility of creating new images to represnet the broad range of human emotion.

HK Premier Cabrio Cine Zoom Lenses – PL mount

Tobias Schliessler ASC
Tobias Schliessler ASC

Without compromise, the HK Premier Cabrio lenses are the ultimate “Variable Focal Length Prime” Cinema lenses. They resolve way beyond 4K at all focal lengths, making them perfect for movies, commercials and high-end features where quality and versatility are key.

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 ZK / XK Cabrio Cine Zoom Lenses – PL mount

Amber Eames

Smaller and lighter than the HK lenses, and also featuring detachable servo drive units, the ZK and XK Cabrio lenses are suitable for use in standard Cine Production Style or in TV Broadcast Style.

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MK Cine Zoom Lenses – E mount

Philip Bloom talks about shooting with the MK18-55mm and MK50-135mm Cine lenses
Philip Bloom

Perfect for emerging or independent film-makers that still demand the high standards of optical quality expected from all FUJINON Cine lenses, but in an ultra compact body and at a more affordable price.

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