To be able to go out with just two lenses to cover my entire range and which together weigh less than 2kg is a joy – Philip Bloom

The MK Series of 4K Cine zoom lenses achieve high optical performance and low distortion with T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range. Super 35mm/APS-C sensor compatibility and E/X mount dedicated design have led to the MK lens series’ advanced optical performance, ultra-compact and lightweight design, and excellent cost performance.

Designed from the ground up to work as Cine lenses, the MK lenses do not exhibit focus breathing, are parfocal and have smooth, mechanical iris and focus. Finally, the price makes them perfect for emerging or independent film-makers looking to invest in dedicated Cine glass.

Watch and learn what sets the MK lenses apart from still lenses

The range

Both lenses feature:

  • Suppressed focus shift and optical axis shift while zooming and lens breathing while focusing
  • Outstanding optical performance and low distortion with T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range
  • Fully manual lens rings for focus, zoom, and iris with Cine standard gear pitch
  • 200° focus rotation angle for accurate yet comfortable focusing
  • Seamless mechanical iris to avoid vibrations and clicking noise
  • Weigh approx 980g and have identical dimensions, front diameter (85mm), filter diameter (82mm) and gear ring positions, making it quick and easy to switch lenses, even when using third party additional Cine accessories such as follow focus units.
  • Flange focal length adjustment function

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